The 29th Biennal of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana
Dogodek/The event
Curated by  Beti Žerovc

Lost wallets is a variation of the project that artist group SZAF executed at the biennale of contemporary art in Iasi in Romania 2008, when the two artists lost 6 (?) fake wallets of the founder and organizer of the biennial. This action provoked a number of phone calls to the organizer as the people who found the wallets wanted to return them to their alleged owner (the action was intended as a pun on the organizer’s expense as he was rather merciless regarding the financial issues with artists).
At the Ljubljana biennale the lost wallets belong to various people who are connected with the biennale. They look almost real – they are also filled with money – but only at first glance. The artists equipped them with all kind of different artistic interventions of absurd or humorous nature, which might confuse the finder  …
The wallets are somewhat bizarre gifts given to their finders. It might be they enjoyed the absurd situation and kept them as bizarre or funny objects. If they felt as returning them, they were given the possibility of a beautiful and honest gesture. Or maybe they just felt happy to get some money, so the artistic interventions probably ended up in rubbish.
In the exhibition is presented the journey from the moment of the loss of the wallet to its return – of course in case when the wallet was returned to their rightful owner. (BŽ)

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