Overlapping Biennial

Curator: Judit Angel

Overlapping Biennial” was mostly a virtual event where the only connection between reality and the virtual world will be made through a totally neutral visual representation (a matrix barcode – QR code).
Each “QR code” was represented an artwork (which will be accessed individually through a hyperlink). These codes  placed in different physical locations in Bucharest, both indoor (bookshops, libraries, cultural centers, museums, galleries etc.) and outdoor (in the Bucharest urban environment) so that each individual could scan it with his phone and become a visitor of the Biennial.

"The condition was that in Bucharest each video to be placed in a context similar to that in which the budapest action was shot.The unity of  action and parallelism of contets in our project resonates with the recent interest in science in one of the theories quantum physics, that of the mysterious "action at a distance" which postulates the instantanoeus and unmediated communication between entangled particles , no matter the distance installed after their separation."

Orange Juice City

Muffed Kiss
Smart Beggar
Training Electric
Buttonable Money
Deep but not Enough
Dropping Billboard
Fly with me
Garay Gallery
Garbage Renovations
Homeless Star
Kinder Surprise